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Leadership Training Program

The Leadership Training Program aims to prepare outstanding clinicians and researchers in the United States and from China to bridge the communication between conventional medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine so that they will assume leadership roles in transforming health care.  The program is designed to enable these healthcare professionals and scholars to (1) share their expertise and research findings in a given areas of expertise in integrative East-West medicine; (2) exchange ideas with the integrative medicine community in the hosting country; (3) become better acquainted with the healthcare system of another country; (4) speak on the current state of healthcare and integrative medicine in their home country; and (5) create linkages between their home institutions and CEWM. The curriculum covers lectures, workshops, and clinical observation.

Program Status

Over the past five years, several physicians from leading hospitals in China have participated in this program. These physicians have diverse medical specialties, from ear, nose and throat to cardiology, from radiology to orthopedics, from oncology to ophthalmalogy. The majority came deeply rooted in biomedicine and had excelled in Western Medicine. Through their exposure at CEWM, they gained insight about how to integrative the best from both medical traditions to solve problems and promote wellness. Opportunities for U.S. physicians are made available as institutional collaborations are cemented. The Center will continue to develop ties with key institutions in China in programs that will train the trainers and promote the impact of Integrative Medicine globally.

Home  ›   International  ›   Leadership Training Program [You Are Here]