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Dr. Ka-Kit Hui and Dr. Jing Zhao Introduce Integrative East-West Medicine to Students at the HOSA-Future Health Professionals National Leadership Conference, June 26, 2015

On June 26, 2015, representatives of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine (CEWM) conducted a Tai Chi Wake-Up Activity and workshop on Integrative East-West Medicine at the HOSA-Future Health Professionals National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California. The workshops were made possible by a collaboration between the CEWM and motivated student leaders and advisors from HOSA, and under the advisement of HOSA National Leadership, including Nancy Allen, Mei Lin Fung, Jim Koeninger, and Karen Koeninger.

Dr. Ka-Kit Hui at the WHO Expert Consultation on T/CAM in Jeju, Republic of Korea

On May 12, 2015, Ka-Kit Hui, MD, FACP, Founder and Director of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, participated in an “Expert Consultation on Traditional and Complementary Medicine Integration with National Health Care Systems” in Jeju, Republic of Korea. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, Republic of Korea; and the World Health Organization, Western Pacific Regional Office; in association with the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM) at the Hyatt Regency Jeju, Republic of Korea.

East Meets West in Westlake Village Office

Integrative East-West medicine services at the UCLA Health office in Westlake Village combine the best of conventional Western and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Self-Applied Acupressure May Improve Constipation Symptoms

A recent study conducted by Ryan Abbott, JD, MD, MTOM, and his colleagues at UCLA assessed the efficacy of applying external pressure to the perineum to alleviate constipation symptoms. The study, published in The Journal of General Internal Medicine on November 18, 2014, was featured in both UCLA Newsroom and Medscape.

East-West Primary Care Services

Drs. Edward K. Hui, Justin Laube, Felicia Yu are now offering Primary Care services at CEWM. The Primary Care East-West program will be a good fit for those who are looking for a more personalized approach to their health.

Malcolm Taw, M.D. on “The Potential Benefits of Integrative East-West Medicine”

On August 9-11, 2013, Dr. Malcolm Taw, Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, led a workshop on “The Potential Benefits of Integrative East-West Medicine” in the management of symptoms from acoustic neuroma at the ANA 21st National Symposium in Los Angeles, CA. The Acoustic Neuroma Association published an article summarizing Dr. […]

“Considerations in the Translation of Chinese Medicine” featured in ScienceDaily

This document published by researchers at UCLA’s Center for East-West Medicine, was featured in ScienceDaily on July 2, 2014. With only a handful of Chinese medical texts translated into English despite widespread use of TCM, “Considerations in the Translation of Chinese Medicine” was written to address the need for more accurate, high-quality translations and to help evaluate Chinese medical texts with greater sensitivity and comprehension.

Malcolm Taw, M.D. on Integrative East-West Cancer Care

On Monday, March 18, 2013, Dr. Malcolm Taw from the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine presented “Cancer Care and Wellness through Integrative East-West Medicine” in Westlake, sharing a brief introduction of Integrative Medicine followed by practical ways that cancer patients can improve various quality of life symptoms related to cancer and its treatment process.