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Finding Balance through Integrative Medicine

Dr. Malcolm Taw, assistant clinical professor of medicine at the UCLA Center for East–West Medicine, commented Jan. 12 in a Los Angeles Times article about balance disorders.

We rely on balance to be able to control our bodies and different aspects of our lives. Balance is becoming increasingly important as the pace of life increases. Additionally, as we age, we naturally begin to lose our balance through muscle atrophy and the weakening of our eyes and ears.

Experts from Harvard Medical School and UCLA suggest that we integrate exercises into our everyday lives to restore mental and physical balance. This may improve body awareness, improve posture, increase coordination and agility, and increase focus, altogether helping us better navigate our lives .

Dr. Malcolm Taw from the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, a specialist in integrative medicine (IM) and balance disorders, emphasizes that balance is at the core of Chinese medical theory. Allergies, temporomandibular joint disorder, tinnitus, dizziness, and vertigo, for example, are symptoms of imbalance that can be alleviated through acupuncture, while minor imbalances in the body can be rebalanced through lifestyle, diet, approach to life and daily activities. Other methods including balance-specific workouts and yoga may be incorporated.

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