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East-West Consultative Care


UCLA Center for East-West Medicine (CEWM) began as a subspecialty consultative clinic in 1993, and has since become known throughout the UCLA Health system for its patient-centered approach that utilizes therapeutic practices from both the Western medical model and traditional Chinese medicine. While patients throughout the spectrum of disease often benefit from the combination approach, it has also become known as the clinic of last resort for referring providers with patients that are refractory to the best of modern Western medicine. As a patient in consultative care, you are empowered to take part in the healing process through patient-centered education, focusing on self-care techniques, home exercise program and integrative Chinese nutrition. Currently, there are three clinical locations that offer East-West medicine consultative care: Santa Monica, Westlake Village and Torrance.

For more information about integrative East-West medicine, please click here.

East-West Consultative Care offers special programs for:

East-West Consultative Care Medical Physicians:

The CEWM consultative clinic includes an inter-professional team approach ensuring the care provided is integrated with the expertise of traditional Chinese medicine doctors, manual therapists and dual-trained medical physicians. Learn more about our team, please click here.


Becoming a Patient:

The majority of our patients are referred to us by their physicians or by grateful patients who have benefited from care at our Clinic. Patients do not necessarily require a referral to see us; this may depend on the restrictions set by your insurance company.

All prospective patients must complete a Consultative Intake Form:


Please fax your new patient form to the location where you plan to schedule an appointment (see contact information below), or email it to us at <cewm@mednet.ucla.edu>. You may also bring the completed form to your first appointment.

Santa Monica:
UCLA Center for East West Medicine
2336 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 301
Santa Monica, California 90404
Fax: 310-829-9318
Tel: 310-998-9118

Westlake Village: 
UCLA Center for East-West Medicine
1250 La Venta Drive, Suite 101A
Westlake Village, CA 91361
Tel: (805) 379-6650
Fax: (805) 379-6655

UCLA Center for East-West Medicine
3500 Lomita Ave, Suite 302
Torrance, CA 90505
Tel: (310) 257-0129
Fax: (310) 257-0130

Afterward, please call the respective clinic to schedule your appointment. If you have any questions regarding the form, please email us at <cewm@mednet.ucla.edu>.


Home  ›   Clinic  ›   East-West Consultative Care [You Are Here]