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Billing Information

We are a medical office; patients are billed for an office visit along with any additional services rendered for EVERY visit.  Services provided by the UCLA East-West clinic are billed to your insurance as a courtesy.  Patients will be responsible for balances not covered by their insurance.

Medicare Plan: Acupuncture is not a covered benefit.  Patients are 100% responsible for the cost of the procedure.  All other services are covered at 80%.

UCLA HMO Plan: A referral is required from your primary care physician.  The referral for your first appointment is authorized for the office consultation ONLY, no other services are included. After your initial consultation, we will submit a referral for the recommended treatment plan.  Acupuncture is typically not a covered benefit for most UCLA HMO plans.

PPO Plan: A referral is not required.  Coverage will vary depending on your health plan.  Here are some typical fees patients may experience:

  • Office Copay
  • Co-Insurance
  • Acupuncture Fee
  • Annual Deductible

Insurance Plans

Insurance we DO accept:

  • Most PPO
  • Medicare

Insurance we DO NOT accept:

  • Out-of-Network Medi-Cal/Medicaid
  • Out-of-Network Health Plans
  • Worker’s Compensation

About Billing

We will make every effort to bill insurance. However, patients will be responsible for services that their insurance does not cover. If you have any questions regarding billing or payment, please contact the UCLA Patient Billing Office at 310-301-8860.

Home  ›   Clinic  ›   East-West Consultative Care  ›   Billing Information [You Are Here]