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Can Chinese Medicine be Helpful to Prevent and Treat COVID-19?

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used in China for more than 3000 years to fight diseases and more than 350 major epidemics that have plagued their civilization throughout the centuries, well before the invention of the microscope.  
  • TCM focuses on enhancing the person, specifically, their defense against the pathogen, and rebalances the body to prevent severe inflammation, as a result of the cytokine storm. Its forte is to regulate your whole body, specifically the immune system, allowing the body to successfully handle the infection and minimize damage from the infection and its complications. TCM greatly complements the biomedical approach in its focus on the pathogen.  
  • TCM modalities including herbs, acupuncture and mind-body exercises were used alone or in combination, in one of the field hospitals for COVID-19 infected patients in Wuhan during the initial outbreak. None of the few hundred patients who were treated by TCM progressed to severe illness that required hospitalization. TCM-based prevention measures were also effectively adopted by the healthy community to minimize infection and dissemination of the virus. 
  • The specific use of Chinese herbal medicine should be under the direction of professionally licensed acupuncturists (LAc)  who are knowledgeable in their use, in collaboration with the guidance of your personal physician. 
  • Wearing a mask and social distancing are still our primary defenses against COVID-19, however, TCM concept and modalities can help you cultivate a healthy body, mind and spirit.  
  • Also, by learning how to manage your stress and improve your lifestyle, you can reduce the risk of getting infected.  
  • Below are some of the self-care methods we use at CEWM clinics for the 30,000+ patient visits we have per year. We personalize a plan for each patient and teach them how to care for themselves at home through lifestyle changes, diet, acupressure, self-massage and mind-body exercises.