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Information Center

Based at UCLA, the Information Center was initiated by the Center for East-West Medicine and organized in collaboration with the UCLA Library System and the Institute of Information of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS). The project has completed its pilot phase. Since 2009, we have completed the training of four Informationists from China. While at UCLA, they participated in various aspects of the implementation plan for the Information Center, created and updated a new LibGuide on East-West medicine, which is a Library based online reference. Professor Fan also completed a guide, “Searching for Integrative Medicine Resources,” an extensive roadmap to facilitate research in integrative medicine, which has been utilized by librarians and students. After their return, each Informationist has continued to provide services for the Information Center from the home base in Beijing at the Institute of Information of CACMS. They have emailed a weekly News Digest which contains important events, research and policies related to traditional Chinese medicine and integrative medicine in China. Highlights from the New Digest, as well as valuable data compiled by this team will be incorporated into the Web Portal for broader dissemination. In the next phase, our effort will be dedicated to supporting the search and recruitment of a UCLA based Informationist who is well versed in both information science and Integrative Medicine. This person will work in close collaboration with the team based in China.

Training and building a team of information specialists is but one of several core components of this project. Our vision is for the Information Center to be fully functional as a sustained resource that holds rich and up to date bi-lingual source materials accessible to all. This Center is to be located in a space with a calming and healing ambience that is conducive to learning, research and consultation. The Center is to be a virtual hub that applies the latest information technology to disseminate well-established research outcomes as well as new scientific discoveries that can improve healthcare. To realize this vision will take the persistent effort of all the collaborative partners and the financial backing of our dedicated supporters.

Click to view an Introduction to the UCLA Information Center for Integrative Medicine by CEWM Director, Ka-Kit-Hui, MD, FACP on ExploreIM.

To visit the UCLA Information Center on Integrative East-West Medicine, click here to visit the UCLA Library website.

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