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Students and Professionals

CEWM Educational Programs & Events:

June/July 2020

  • Program Suspended for 2020 due to COVD-19: UCLA Travel-Study Program in Shanghai: Integrative East-West Medicine and Global Health - 6/21-7/18. This program is designed with pre-health, medical, nursing and public health students from the UC system and beyond in mind. The program will be hosted in Shanghai through partnership with top universities, including Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) and Fudan University School of Public Health.

August/September 2020

  • UCLA Online Summer Course - Med-185: Integrative East-West Medicine - Session C (8/3 - 9/9 - Mondays and Wednesdays). This 6-week and 4 upper-division units course is designed to provide an overarching introduction to integrative healthcare with a focus on the Center's East-West approach and application to address COVID-19.
    • Since this course teaches practical skills at a personal level to help one to stay well and healthy by appreciating the facet of factors that play a pivotal role in health and wellness, it is valuable for everyone to learn from it, especially during these challenging times midst the ongoing pandemic. We will make this course available to the public soon with a suggested donation amount to support our current training and education programs. If you are interested to learn more, please sign-up for our newsletter to stay tuned on course release dates. We will also make the course accessible and adapt it to different populations, including underserved communities and young children. Please visit this page to support us. Your contributions are highly appreciated and will continue to support education and research programs in integrative medicine.

Home  ›   Education  ›   Students and Professionals [You Are Here]