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2nd Annual Symposium on the Potential of Chinese Medicine in the U.S.

Event: Saturday, August 11, 2018

This Symposium will convene healthcare professionals and those interested in Tai Chi for health to discuss how Tai Chi can help improve American Healthcare.


“Tai Chi for Health: From Scientific Evidence to Program Development in various Healthcare Settings”

The Symposium is tailored to Chinese medicine clinicians, professors, educators, school administrators and community professionals, and individuals who are interested in learning about the potential of Chinese Medicine in healthcare settings.

The UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, in collaboration with academic institutes of Chinese Medicine in Southern California, is hosting this event as a day filled with exposure to the scientifc value of evidenced-based practices and resources. Come join us!

By the end of the day, participants gain greater knowledge on how to:

  • Relate scientific evidence of Tai Chi research to manage of various conditions
  • Construct a sound research plan in Tai Chi research
  • Formulate an implementation plan for a Tai Chi health program in various healthcare settings
  • Communicate the health values of a Tai Chi program to patients effectively

Schedule:  www.pcm-taichi.eventbrite.com 

Cost: $30 for Students & $60 for Health Professionals


Be green friendly! Download the attached E-Booklet Program