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5th Annual Student Conference for Integrative Medicine (ASCIM) at UCLA, 2017

Event: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 – Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bridging Health Disparities through Integrative Medicine: Making Healthcare More Effective, Safe, Accessible and Affordable

 Students for Integrative Medicine (SIM, formerly NCAM)
UCLA Center for East-West Medicine (CEWM)



The 5th Annual Student Conference for Integrative Medicine (ASCIM 2017) is a collaboration between UCLA undergraduates, the UCLA Center of East-West Medicine, and UCLA medical students. Multiple workshops on various topics such as mindfulness, eastern nutrition and acupressure hope to elucidate to attendees that integrative approaches are viable options to achieve maintain optimum health. Attendees are encouraged to not only explore the integrative medicine field, but to also network by interacting with various healthcare professionals throughout the event.

ASCIM 2017 will educate attendees on various topics in integrative medicine through interactive and/or didactic workshops on mindfulness/meditation, art therapy, Tai Chi, acupressure, yoga, integrative oral health, dietary supplements, integrative nutrition, and integrative oncology.

There will also be an Herbal Medicine Panel and Health Disparities Panel moderated by Ka-Kit Hui, MD, FACP, Wallis Annenberg Professor in Integrative East-West Medicine and Founder and Director of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine at the Department of Medicine of the David Geffen School of Medicine.

Click here for the conference report from last year's ASCIM 2016, "Practical Approaches to Wellness Through Integrative Medicine: Benefits for a Lifetime."

  • Featuring Keynote Speakers:
    • Robert Saper, MD, MPH, Director of Integrative Medicine at the Boston Medical Center in Boston University and Chair of the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health
    • Myles Spar, MD, MPH, Director of Integrative Medicine at Venice Family clinic’s Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center and Founder of Integrative Medicine Access (IMA)
  • Interactive Workshops and Lectures
    • More information coming soon!
  • Professional Panel moderated by David Geffen IMSIG Medical Students

To register, click here to visit the ASCIM 2017 Eventbrite page.

  • Breakfast, lunch, and a conference T-shirt and goodie bag are included.

Support our conference

Sponsors of ASCIM 2017 may donate via check. Please make the check payable to "Students for Integrative Medicine at UCLA" and mail along with the sponsorship form to:

Students for Integrative Medicine
c/o UCLA Center for East-West Medicine
1015 Gayley Avenue, Suite 105
Los Angeles, CA 90024