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Visual History Project

The initial driving force behind the Visual History Project is to preserve the heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine through the video documentation of the life-changing experience and wisdom shared by pioneers and leading figures in China. Since 2005, the video documentation team organized and sponsored by the Center for East-West Medicine has made multiple trips to China to conduct interviews and site visits. These efforts have yielded over 150 hours of video footage which included some of the most prominent figures representing a full spectrum of expertise:

  • Acupuncture
  • Blood Stasis
  • Oncology
  • Herbal research
  • Cardiology
  • Policy Makers and Opinion Leaders

The project team has dedicated its ongoing effort to the postproduction tasks which include transcription, cataloging, editing, and translation of the wealth of video footage.  They have completed the work to digitize the files and index the content. Audio and video files will be made available at the Archive of the UCLA Library System. Abstracts and highlights of select footage have been selected and edited, and are being posted on the Web Portal, Explore IM as soon as it is complete so that they are accessible to the public at large.

Visual History Project Playlist:


Home  ›   International  ›   Visual History Project [You Are Here]