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25 Years of East-West Healthcare

On December 15, 2018, alumni, friends and faculty gathered at the Luskin Conference Center to celebrate UCLA Center for East-West Medicine’s (CEWM) 25 th Anniversary with a Kick-Off Dinner. The event highlighted CEWM’s history by celebrating founding director, Dr. Ka-Kit Hui’s forty-some years as a physician at UCLA, recounting key milestones and memories and honoring distinguished guests, supporters, leadership and team members who played diverse and pivotal roles in the Center’s success.

For the past 25 years, the CEWM has been at the forefront of what has become a global mission and movement towards the development of a person and society-centered health model. Dr. Hui’s vision consisted of three inter-related areas including innovative research and educational programs and compassionate clinical care approaches, which emphasize preventive care, wellness and teamwork. This model addresses the root causes of illness before a patient requires expensive and invasive treatments. With support from UCLA Health leadership and philanthropic investment from friends, Dr. Hui’s vision has become a reality.

In the next decade, CEWM aims to continue scaling and improving access to their unique, safe and cost-effective model both within UCLA and through collaborating with international non-profit organizations. This will enable increased cross-disciplinary integrative medicine training for health professionals, in areas including culinary medicine and oral and eye health.

Currently, CEWM has embarked on a new collaboration with Tzu Chi Medical Foundation (TCMF), an umbrella of Tzu Chi Foundation, an international UN non-governmental organization that manages the world’s fifth largest bone marrow registry and has provided medical outreach and disaster relief not only locally in Texas, but also in Mexico, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Haiti, and Honduras.

By collaborating with TCMF and institutions in the greater China region, Europe and South America, CEWM aims to bring this pioneering East-West care model to communities around the world.

As UCLA progresses into the next century, the CEWM aims to build a technologically-advanced, safe and cost- effective, person and societal-centered healthcare model, coupled with cultural sensitivity for the diverse ethnic groups within LA. This will require the entire UCLA campus’ intellect to place UCLA as the top university in the world, as we gather visionaries of every sector to develop a healthcare system for the rest of the world to emulate.

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Honorees and testimonials who were greatly appreciative of the Center’s work through the years:

Dr. Elaine C. Pang, one of CEWM’s founders, honored for their contribution and continued support of integrative East-West Medicine

Mr. Beryl Weiner, Patient and donor, honored for their contribution and continued support of integrative East-West Medicine

Mrs. Cathleen Mitchell, Patient and donor, honored for the contribution and continued support of integrative East-West Medicine by helping CEWM fellows learn about trigger point injections

Mrs. Joyce S. Abbott, Patient and donor, contribution and continued support of integrative East-West Medicine

Dr. Ming-Dong Li – CEWM Clinician and Director of Chinese Medicine Education, honored for 15 years of distinguished leadership at CEWM

Honorees who could not come, but have supported our Center tremendously:

Mr. Gerald Oppenheimer, Donor

Mrs. Peggy Cherng and Mr. Andrew Cherng, Donor

Louise Sylvia Danelian, Patient and donor

 UCLA CEWM Leadership team who spoke about their programs and celebrated CEWM’s 25 Year Milestone:

Dr. Edward Hui - Director of the CEWM Santa Monica Clinic

Dr. Andrew Shubov – spoke on the CEWM In-Patient Hospitalist Program

Dr. Lawrence Taw – Director of the CEWM Torrance and Palos Verdes Clinics

Dr. Annie Zhang – represented for Dr. Malcolm Taw, Director of the CEWM Westlake Village Clinic


Dr. Kai-Kit Hui, Mrs. Gail Oppenheimer, Mr. Gerald Oppenheimer, Mrs. Shirley Hui (2005) -- Credits: CEWM Photo

Ms. Joan Prestine, Dr. Ka-Kit Hui – Credits: Max Lin

Mr. Beryl Weiner, Dr. Ka-Kit Hui – Credits: Max Lin