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Are U Healthy?

Have you ever wondered how healthy you are? Watch this short video to get an idea!

You can find out and learn ways to improve and maintain your health and prevent diseases this summer by enrolling in the Center's MED 180 Integrative Medicine Summer Course.

Topics Covered in the course:
- Intro to Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Therapeutic Use of Cannabinoids
- Intro to Acupuncture and Acupressure
- Posture and Movement
- Mindfulness Meditation
- Integrative Mental Health
- Tai Chi & Qigong
- East-West Nutrition
- Herbal Medicine
- Dietary Supplements
- Intro to Naturopathy
- Integrative Oral Health and Sleep
- Integrative East-West Medicine Model
- Integrative Oncology
- East-West Medicine and PTSD, with emphasis on Veterans