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HealthTunes and Music Medicine

Led by Dr. Malcolm Taw of UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, the Center's Musician Wellness Program is collaborating with Walter Werzowa to bring HealthTunes, a streaming audio service, to improve patients' physical and mental health.


What is HealthTunes®?

HealthTunes® is a streaming audio service created to improve your physical and mental health. Based on your condition, HealthTunes® offers specific music and sound therapies, which reference evidence-based clinical research. Physicians create a therapy plan that schedules a precise music dosage and treatment length, and prescribe HealthTunes®, just like medicine; we call it MusicMedicine.

“Support your Health with clinically researched music.”

How does Healthtunes® work?

HealthTunes® provides a proprietary Therapy Builder. Physicians curate individualized music playlists (Therapies), based on your diagnosis, symptoms, and syndromes. MusicMedicine works in three layers: The first layer of music triggers your emotional state, where music can instantly change moods. Second, the prescribed music helps to recall sensory memory, and music triggers this precise association. Third, music works on a physiological level, bringing your parasympathetic nervous system into balance, also known as “Vagotonus.”

For example, with Alzheimer’s recalling tunes not only stimulates dopamine, but it also kindles brain plasticity to regrow neural connections. In Parkinson’s, besides a dopamine stimulation, the patient listens to the music rhythm, which stimulates a safe gait function.

Research shows the positive entrainment and stimulation caused by HealthTunes’® musical patterns and binaural beats in chronic pain, sleep, anxiety and heart rate treatments. For example, we begin matching music with a baby’s elevated heart rate. Then, through a HealthTunes’ algorithm, we gradually slow down the music. As the tempo decreases, the baby’s heart rate begins to follow (entrainment). “HealthTunes developed a music algorithm to bring a baby's heart rate to resting pulse successfully.” - Univ. Prof. Dr. Klaus Laczika, Facharzt für Innere Medizin und Intensivmedizin, AKH Vienna.

Even the hearing-impaired feel and experience health benefits – Any human senses sound vibration through the skin, yield health benefits.

What does the evidenced-based research demonstrate on music medicine?

  • MusicMedicine and music therapy has displayed a greater positive effect on post-chemotherapy anxiety, than verbal relaxation and control groups.
  • MusicMedicine and music therapy reduces depression, anxiety and the usual length of a hospital stay.
  • After one-month of intervention with self-reported adherence, patients with insomnia have seen a significant improvement.
  • Pre-operative anxiety, which is common and significant, decreases, from the initial testing to the post-intervention testing, on average by over 25 percent.
  • In chronic pain patients recorded 30 percent lesser pain perception. By adding Virtual Reality, the patient's pain perception may decrease by up to 60 percent. A pubmed.gov published analysis indicated the main effect for the theta binaural beats intervention was in reducing perceived pain severity.

Reference: pubmed.gov

What is the science behind HealthTunes®?

MusicMedicine regulates the autonomic nervous system and accelerates endogenous processes. Binaural beats, which are the result of two slightly different frequencies create a third signal in the brain, coupled with music, restore and balance patients’ physiology. This phenomenon affects brain waves, heart, and respiratory function. Music, measured by beats per minute (BPM), entrains the heart rate, which is also measured in BPM. The beat of the heart will synchronize to the tempo of the music. Similarly, brain waves synchronize to binaural beats. If a binaural beat features a particular theta wave, which lessens pain, the listener’s brain will synchronize to the beat and will experience the wave’s physiological impact.

HealthTunes® is safe for prolonged use, and it is non-invasive. There are no negative side effects listening to binaural beats and music.

What equipment is necessary?

 HealthTunes® works on standalone browsers, smart devices, virtual and augmented reality (for pain, PTSD, burns, for example), and voice controlled systems, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod, and Google Home. You may listen to HealthTunes® with headphones, earbuds or speakers, while some sounds will work on laptops. HealthTunes® has a vast library of music and sound that follow specific algorithms to improve one’s health. Tracks are mixed for specific ailments, such as epilepsy and seizures.

What is HealthTunes’® background?

 HealthTunes® was founded in 2016 by Walter Werzowa, a musician, composer, music producer, and sound inventor, who has extensively researched MusicMedicine. A California non-profit, HealthTunes® is free of charge for medical facilities and their patients to help foster a healthy community. HealthTunes® is the only publicly available streaming service to pair research with active music links.


Moby: https://www.healthtunes.org/video

On what ailments has HealthTunes® been used?

Syndromes/Symptoms HealthTunes® remedy Evidence based reference available HealthTunes® supports autonomous system
Alzheimer’s XX X X
     Arterial diseases X X
     Blood Pressure XX X X
     HRV XX X X
Chemotherapy Side Effects XX X X
Chronic Pain XX X X
Cognitive Dysfunction
     Dementia XX X
     Depression XX X
     Aggression X X
     Anxiety, Restlessness XX X
     Sleep X X X
Dialysis XX X
Immune System XX X X
   Vagotonus X X X
Parkinson’s X X X
Respiratory XX X
Sensory Deprivation XX X

Click here to visit the HealthTunes website for more information.