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International Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival- Overseas Tour Los Angeles

International Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival- Los Angeles

The International Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival launched in Hong Kong in May, and its second stop of four international destinations, took place in Los Angeles at the Puente Hills Mall on September 30th. This event attracted the attendance of many people of all age categories and ethnicities interested in learning more about Chinese Medicine. The event included many artwork displays of medicinal herbs, such as a hanging installation of Hulu, otherwise known as Calabash Gourd (pictured below), along with a Tai Chi performance led by Dr. Mingdong Li of the UCLA Center for East West Medicine and a free short lesson to all attendees.

Hosted by Ms. Angela Fung, a member of Phoenix Satellite TV Group and Phoenix Exhibitions Co Ltd,  the festival cordially invited Professor Ka-Kit Hui M.D. F.A.C.P., the Director and Founder of the UCLA Center for East West Medicine and his colleagues, Ming-Donog Li, PhD, LAc, Yumin Cho, PhD, Professor Zhonglong Li and Cynthis Diep, DDS, LAc to host a 2 hour seminar on the benefits of integrative medicine for stress management.

Hanging Hulu: An installation made of Calabash Gourds, which are associated with healing

Dr. Ming-Dong Li demonstrating Tai Chi

During the seminar, Dr. Hui gave one definition of health: as the body’s ability to withstand stressors we encounter in our daily lives.

“When our body is weak, even the things we take for granted becomes stressful,” he said. “This build up of stress leads to inflammation, which is involved in over 80% of chronic illnesses including cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases.”

PwC predicted in 2005 that by 2020, all countries will have financially unsustainable health care systems if the current medical model is not adapted to the changing societal needs. The very success of the western biomedical model in saving lives has led to its inadequacy in dealing with the resultant chronic illnesses associated with the increasing aging population globally.

In his words, “Western medicine excels at putting out fires in saving lives, but it can be quite expensive. Some of the health care resources have to be shifted from high-tech, invasive, crisis intervention to patient oriented care, prevention, early disease recognition and health promotion." He hopes to achieve a person-centered model of healthcare where there is no separation between East and West medicine, and treatment can be tailored to the individual's long-term well-being.

Tsing Dao Daily and Channelge.com both reported extensively on the event and shared Dr.Hui’s perspective with the audience. For more information about the Center’s approach to stress management, please feel free to explore our website and keep an eye open for any upcoming events.