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What is cupping? And does it work?

In this recent article posted on Santa Monica Daily Press (SMDP), Drs. Annie Zhang and Andrew Shubov respond to some of the controversies about the scientific nature of cupping.


(Source: REUTERS/Dominic Ebenbichler) Michael Phelps of USA is seen with red cupping marks on his shoulder as he compete in the men's 200 meter butterfly heats.


On August 18, 2016, Dr. Annie Zhang and Dr. Andrew Shubov, Assistant Clinical Professors at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, submitted an article on the Santa Monica Daily Press (SMDP) titled 'What is cupping. And does it work?' The article mentions renowned athlete Michael Phelps' use of cupping, responds to some of the controversial statements about the scientific nature of cupping made by articles posted on the The Atlantic and Slate.com, conceptualizes cupping as a method of fascial release and encourages rational and open-minded interpretations of non-drug therapies used in integrative medicine.

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