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Shanghai Transformative Public Health Project

Highlights Video: Dr. Ka-Kit Hui on the Training Program in Chinese medicine for 12,000 Western Medicine Community Health Practitioners in Shanghai

The Shanghai Association of Chinese Integrative Medicine has appointed Dr. Ka-Kit Hui of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine to serve as Senior Advisor of a transformative public health project in Shanghai taking place in a three year span over 2013-2015.

The program's aim is to train 12,000 community health practitioners in the Shanghai region in an integrative East-West paradigm, targeting three groups of community health professions to address the growing demand of healthcare services. Among the three categories are western-trained physicians, public health practitioners, and practitioners in rural Shanghai. Upon completion of the training program, these health practitioners will be better equipped with skills in addressing common disease by utilizing low-cost and highly effective techniques based on the principles and theory of integrative medicine.

The project was planned in four consecutive groups, each of which would take six months to complete. To date, approximately 2,200 community health practitioners have been trained under the program as the first group, and training of groups 2 and 3 is still ongoing.

Home  ›   Shanghai Transformative Public Health Project [You Are Here]