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2020 Integrative Medicine ONLINE Summer Course: MED 185

With the emergence of COVID-19, self-care has become indispensable. This summer, learn hands-on interactive tools through our online course to help you be the healthiest version of yourself.

MED 185 is a 6-week course that is only offered in Summer Session C and provides 5 upper division general education (GE) units in Basic Scientific Inquiry.

In this course, Ka-Kit Hui, MD, FACP, Wallis Annenberg Professor in Integrative East-West Medicine and Founder and Director of the Center for East-West Medicine at the UCLA Department of Medicine and David Geffen School of Medicine, and his colleagues, will share his 50 years’ experience in learning, practicing, educating and researching in healthcare. Dr. Hui's vision is to transform the current disease-based, high-tech, costly and fragmented healthcare model to one that provides person-centered and humanistic, low-tech, cost effective and cohesive care.

“Not only will you learn practical skills at a personal level to help you stay well and healthy, you will also be introduced to the perspective of how you can become a change agent in transforming the healthcare system. You will become familiar with the facet of factors that play a pivotal role in your own health and that of the world’s, and the necessity for various sectors in society to come together to build a better healthcare delivery system for generations to come. As the world changes at a warping speed wrestling with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital for you to stay informed about how to protect your own health and rethink the importance of health and well-being. There is no better place to learn about integrative East-West health than through this online course at UCLA.”

- Ka-Kit Hui, MD, FACP

This course is open to students of all levels and career interests from within and outside UCLA. Healthcare professionals interested in expanding their career to integrative medicine will also benefit from this course. International students are welcome to enroll. No prior experience in medicine or science is necessary.

Seize a unique opportunity to learn more about integrative health as MED 185 is being offered online for the first time in 12 years. Students are not required to login for the live Zoom sessions if time difference or connectivity is an issue. A recording of the live session will be posted on the course website after each class for students to view.

A sneak peek of some of the issues that will be discussed in class:

-> Enroll via the UCLA Registrar
(UCLA students)


-> Enroll via Summer Sessions!
(Non-UCLA students)

Fees vary based on the student's status. MED 185 is a 5-unit course.

For more information:


For additional questions about the Medicine 185 course or if you would like to audit the course or specific sessions without receiving UCLA credit, please contact Annie Law at alaw@mednet.ucla.edu .

For questions regarding UCLA course registration, please contact UCLA Summer Sessions at info@summer.ucla.edu.

Home  ›   2020 Integrative Medicine ONLINE Summer Course: MED 185 [You Are Here]