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2018 Integrative Medicine Summer Course

This 6-week and 4 upper-division units course is designed to provide an overarching introduction to integrative healthcare. Students will learn about integrative medicine and its role in health cultivation and in the medical system from UCLA faculty and guest speakers at the forefront of the field, engage in experiential workshops on self-care and different healing and medical modalities while discovering the science behind them. Topics include: integrative East-West Medicine and its role in prevention and health cultivation; herbs and nutritional supplements; pain management using acupuncture, acupressure, massage and other self-help techniques; as well as maintaining a healthy immune system and reducing inflammation and stress. Hands-on practice and experiential sessions will be incorporated.

This course is open to students of all levels and career interests from within and outside UCLA. Healthcare professionals interested in expanding their career to integrative medicine will also benefit from this course. International students are welcome to enroll. No prior experience in medicine or science is necessary.


View the MED 180 Summer Course Trailer:


-> Enroll via the UCLA Registrar
(UCLA students)


-> Enroll via Summer Sessions!
(Non-UCLA students)

Cost Estimation:


For a more detailed fee assessment, click HERE to visit the UCLA Summer Sessions site.

Fees vary based on the student's status. MED 180 is a 4-unit course.

For more information:

**Upon enrollment, the course also provides 25 CEU units for acupuncturists upon request.**

For additional questions about the Medicine 180 course, please contact Annie Law at alaw@mednet.ucla.edu or our office at 310-794-0712.

For questions regarding UCLA course registration, please contact UCLA Summer Sessions at info@summer.ucla.edu.

Home  ›   2018 Integrative Medicine Summer Course [You Are Here]