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Linhua Zhao PhD

Visiting Scholar

UCLA Center for East-West Medicine
Department of Medicine
David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Phone: 310-794-0712

Linhua Zhao Ph.D. is a visiting associate professor of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine at the Department of Medicine of the David Geffen School of Medicine from March, 2018. She achieved her Ph.D. in internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in 2011. She is an associate chief physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Endocrinology department treating a variety of diseases such as diabetes, diabetic complications, thyroid diseases, metabolic syndrome and some female diseases using Chinese prescriptions and acupuncture. She also is an associate research fellow in the molecular biology department in Guang Anmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. She is a master graduate tutor of China Academy of Chinese Medicine and Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr.  Zhao is the secretary-general of Dose-response relationship study Branch in the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and secretary-general of Dose-response relationship study Branch in the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and the permanent member of the Diabetes Branch of the China Association of Promoting Traditional Medicine

Her research focuses on the efficacy and mechanism's of TCM on diabetes and diabetic complications including diabetic kidney disease, diabetic peripheral neuropathy etc. She participated in the compilation of international guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus in Chinese medicine. She dedicated her research into exploring the dose-response relationship of Chinese prescriptions, which is very important for the improvement on the efficacy of Chinese medicine. As the project leader and backbone, she hosted and participated in 20 scientific research projects. A total of 58 academic papers and book chapters that were published in Chinese and English. Dr. Zhao was invited to give an international conference speech on diabetes and diabetic kidney disease treatment by TCM. She has been a reviewer of specific journals such as, Scientometrics´╝îEuropean Journal of Medicinal Plants, Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome, Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents, the World Journal of Gastroenterology, and International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. She won first prize for the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine academic works Award in 2017, and second prize for the Beijing Education Achievement Award in 2017.

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