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Wenli (Angela) Zhang MD, PhD

Visiting Scholar

Wenli Zhang, M.D. (China), Ph.D., cardiologist. She received her Ph.D. in 2003 and then worked as an Associate Professor and Chief Physician at the PLA General Hospital. She has extensive clinical and teaching experience in cardiovascular disease and has been a principal in charge of national research projects. In 2011, she participated in the NASA project at Harvard Medical School as a visiting scientist in the field of sleep disorders and heart rhythms. After returning to China, she runs a health management company.


In recent years, she has studied traditional Chinese medicine basic theory and Chinese medicine technology from some famous Chinese medicine experts in China. She can skillfully use five elements of acupuncture, Huangdi inner needle and Chinese herbal medicine technology to treat patients. Because she has both Western medicine and Oriental medicine learning and professional experience, she is committed to integrating the advantages of Eastern and Western medicine to better contribute to human health management and disease prevention. At present, her research interest is the integration model of East-West Medicine and the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in chronic disease management system.

Home  ›   Team  ›   Wenli (Angela) Zhang [You Are Here]