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Yu-Min Cho PhD, PhD

Researcher › Project Scientist

UCLA Center for East-West Medicine
Department of Medicine
David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Phone: 310-794-0712

Dr. Yu-Min Cho received a PhD in physiology, a PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM). She earned her Master’s in Sports Science (MS) and a Bachelor degree in Nursing (RN).  Starting as a visiting scholar at the Center, she currently serves as a Project Scientist at the Center for East-West Medicine. She is leading the project in the development of TCM pulse diagnostic device and researching on the standardization of Chinese Medicine diagnosis equipment. The health care apps include East-West nutrition recommendation, physical training and life style management.


Dr. Cho is interested in building an Integrative Aging and Dementia Program. Her area of focus is in health management and weight control through a holistic lens to evaluate TCM body constitution. She provides customized exercise training programs and integrative nutrition. Her area of research also includes exploring the mechanisms and applications of physical training, nutrition, and integrative medicine in reproduction, hormone regulation, metabolic syndrome, and cognitive function.



Home  ›   Team  ›   Yu-Min Cho [You Are Here]